Always Your Favourite Heritage Brand

About us & Our History

We specialize in manufacture and sales of sauces in Penang Island, Malaysia. We use the finest and freshest ingredients to prepare our product with no artificial colouring. Thus, our sauces are healthy cooking medium and they help to make our meals taste extra delicious.

The company established in years 1963, Cap Tupai known as one of the heritage brand in Penang Island, Malaysia. The delicious flavor of Cap Tupai's Chili Sauce had become the first choice of household as their dipping medium nowadays. This business was started 50 years ago in a humble way by a Chinese family, Mr. Lim Poay Guan who is the founder of Cap Tupai Chili Sauce.

The traditional and special recipe of Cap Tupai's Chili Sauce has driven the sustainability of the business by producing the products with fresh and natural ingredients. You will definitely love the taste of our signature chili sauce!

We provide a highest quality products and having consistent company's performance. Our Company put on hard work to research and develops our product quality control in order to ensure that we provide our consumer the premium food products. We localize our products to various market segments in order to provide greatest satisfactions to consumer.

Our Commitment

Our entire product is manufactured under proper and strict production guidelines in order to guarantee the freshness of every product which produced in our company. Additionally, to maintain the product at the top notch condition, our company act with the highest ethical standards to provide the best service and quality to consumers.

In terms of food standard, our product are manufacture according to the Malaysia Food Standard which given by our Ministry of Health. Besides, all of the product which manufactured in our factory is certified as “HALAL” by the JAKIM of Malaysia. On the other hand, the factory cleanliness and our hygienic food quality control have been credited as “MESTI” by the Food Safety & Quality Division, Ministry of Health in Malaysia.